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Tatkal Train Ticket Booking

Book Tatkal Train Tickets Online

You can book a maximum of only 4 passengers per PNR. Book tickets through your IRCTC login ID online on ixigo. Check for tatkal quota seat availability for your train and ticket confirmation probability/prediction.

  • Login to your IRCTC account at
  • Select your travel source station and destination
  • Choose your date of journey
  • Now select quota as ‘TATKAL’ and search for trains
  • Click on ‘BOOK NOW’ for the preferred train from the list
  • Fill in the passengers detail carefully like Name, Age, Gender, Seat Preference, etc.
  • Select your Payment mode like internet banking, payment wallet, credit or debit card and pay for the ticket
  • Print your e-ticket

Tatkal ticket booking is available on payment of an extra charge on a first-come-first-served basis for all but first AC seats. Tatkal booking is available for all class like 3A, 2A, 1A, sleeper and chair car. Tickets are issued for actual distance of travel, subject to the distance restriction applicable to the train. Once you have booked your tickets, you can check your PNR status

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Book Tatkal Tickets on Mobile App

Get Free cancellation on Tatkal tickets when you book them through our train mobile app.

Tatkal Ticket Booking Timings

  • For AC Classes, tatkal timings are as follows:

    Class of Travel Ticket Booking Time
    (in am)
    AC 1 Tier (1A), AC 2 Tier (2A), AC 3 Tier (3A), 
    Chair Car Coach(CC), Executive Chair (EC), 
    AC-3 Economy (3E)
  • For Non-AC Classes, tatkal timings are as follows:

    Class of Travel Ticket Booking Time
    (in am)
    Sleeper (SL), First Class (FC), Second Seating (2S) 11:15

Tatkal tickets can be booked one day in advance excluding the date of journey from the train originating station. 

Tatkal Ticket Booking Charges

Tatkal ticket charges are fixed at the rate of 10% of the basic fare for second class and 30% of the basic fare for all other classes, subject to a minimum and maximum fee.

Class of Travel Minimum Tatkal
(in Rs.)
Maximum Tatkal
(in Rs.)
Reserve Second sitting (2S) ₹10 ₹15
Sleeper ₹100 ₹200
AC Chair Car ₹125 ₹225
AC 3 Tier ₹300 ₹400
AC 2 Tier ₹400 ₹500
Executive ₹400 ₹500

Tatkal Ticket Cancellation

For confirmed tatkal tickets there is no refund on cancellation of tickets. Waitlisted Tatkal ticket cancellation do have some deductions as per IRCTC rules. You can cancel your waiting list or RAC Tatkal tickets, up to 30 minutes before the departure of the train. If wait listed Tatkal tickets do not get confirmed or RAC, they automatically get cancelled and the passenger gets refund. If your train is running late by 3 hours or is cancelled by Indian Railways, you are entitled to file Ticket Deposit Receipt (TDR) for claiming a refund.

Tatkal Ticket Booking Rules

The rules for Tatkal ticket booking are as follows:

  • Confirmed Tatkal tickets can be cancelled, but no refunds are provided.
  • Unsold Tatkal tickets are released to passengers who are on a waiting list.
  • TQWL: It stands for Tatkal Quota Waiting List, when ticket booking goes beyond the tatkal ticket availability.
  • General and ladies quota cannot be opted for along with Tatkal.
  • Tatkal reservation is also available in Executive Class of Shatabdi Express trains
  • No duplicate Tatkal tickets are issued. Duplicate Tatkal tickets can only be issued in exceptional cases on payment of full fare including the Tatkal charges.
  • Change of name is not permitted on the bookings made under the IRCTC Tatkal booking scheme.

Online Tatkal Ticket Booking FAQs

Q. How can I Book Tatkal Tickets Online?

You can book tatkal tickets online one day before to the scheduled departure of your train easily. Follow the below mentioned steps for ticket booking;
  • Login to your IRCTC account at
  • Select your source and destination stations.
  • Choose your date of journey.
  • Select quota as "TATKAL" and search for trains.
  • Click BOOK NOW for your preferred train.
  • Enter passengers detail carefully like Name, Age, Gender, Seat Preference, etc.
  • Verify your travel details carfully.
  • Select a suitable Payment Method (internet banking, payment wallet, credit or debit card, upi) and proceed to pay for the ticket.
  • Print your e-ticket

Q. Can we book a Tatkal ticket on the same day as the journey?

The Tatkal ticket booking starts one day in advance of the date of journey from the originating station of the train. First check the train running status or use our where is my train feature. If you are travelling on the 3rd, Tatkal ticket booking time would be 10:00 hrs on the 2nd. However, the date of journey means the date on which the chart of the train is prepared. Therefore, if the train starts from its origin on the 3rd, and reaches the station from which you are boarding on the 4th, then the IRCTC Tatkal booking will begin on the 2nd and not on the 3rd. Another thing to keep in mind is that the Tatkal reservation begins at 10:00 hrs for AC classes and 11:00 hrs for non-ac classes.

Q. How do I cancel Tatkal Tickets?

Confirmed tickets do not get refund upon cancellation. In case of RAC or waitlisted tickets refund is available if the same are cancelled up to 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure. If wait listed Tatkal tickets do not get confirmed or RAC, they automatically get cancelled and the passenger gets refund.

Q. Can TDR be filed for Tatkal tickets?

You could claim a refund by filing a Ticket Deposit Receipt (TDR) with the reason stated, in case the train for which you have booked a Tatkal ticket is either cancelled or is more than three hours late.

Q. What is the difference between Tatkal and Premium Tatkal?

The difference between Tatkal and premium Tatkal are as follows:
Tatkal Premium Tatkal
IRCTC Tatkal booking charges are fixed Premium Tatkal tickets have dynamic fare pricing for classes
Agents can book tickets under this quota Agents are not allowed to book tickets under this quota
RAC/ Waitlist ticket booking is allowed Only confirmed ticket gets booked
Passengers are waitlisted No waitlisting in Premium Tatkal
Tickets can be cancelled Tickets cannot be cancelled
Preferential allowances are given to senior citizens and children No preferential allowances are given to any passengers
Tatkal ticket availability: Available at the counters and online platforms Only available at online platforms

Q. What is the cost of the Tatkal ticket?

The cost of the Tatkal ticket varies from ticket to ticket and is different for all the classes. Usually, the Tatkal ticket prices are 10% of the basic fare for second class and 30% for all other classes. Passengers should note that under the Tatkal ticket scheme, passengers must pay the entire fare. Additionally, passengers having concessional tickets are not allowed to avail the Train Ticket Tatkal Booking scheme.

Q. Is senior citizen Quota available for Tatkal?

No. There is no Senior Citizen Quota available for Tatkal Booking in any train. Tatkal ticket booking does not provide any concession for senior citizens.

Q. How can I make an online IRCTC train booking for Tatkal tickets fast?

To make a quick online IRCTC train ticket booking of Tatkal tickets, simply download the ixigo trains app and follow the steps below:

•Sign in to the ixigo trains app.

•Click on the train tickets tab.

•Enter the train name, number and date of journey.

•The various ticket options, including the Tatkal tickets, will show up on the screen. Click on ‘Tatkal’.

•Add traveller names and select the preferred berth.

•Proceed to make the online train ticket booking using credit/debit cards, wallets, internet banking and more.

•The process of online train ticket booking of Tatkal tickets is now complete.

•Simply go ahead and print your e-ticket!

Q. Can we book Tatkal tickets online?

Yes. Tatkal Tickets can be booked online one day in advance excluding the date of journey from the train originating station. Tatkal tickets for all mail/express/Rajdhani/Duranto/Shatabdi/Jan-Shatabdi trains can be booked on ixigo or by using ixigo trains app. Tatkal tickets reservation can be done by paying extra charges over the base fare.